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Nashua Airport Management

Nashua AIrport, otherwise known as boire field is a very active General Aviation airport.  Operations in and out of Boire Field include training, charter, corporate, military and recreational flights.  Because of this diversity, Nashua airport offers a wide range of services and features that make it unique.  From multiple IFR approaches to electric tie-down ramps and available hangar space, several flight schools, and aircraft maintenance of all types and complexities, Nashua is not only a wonderful airport to visit, but also a wonderful airport to call home.

93 Perimeter Road Nashua, NH 03063

Aircraft owners and pilots, the nashua airport authority needs your input!

To better assess the current and future needs and development of Nashua Airport - Boire Field, the NAA is conducting a survey.  Your response to the survey is important and the information we can glean from it is critical to better meet the needs of the community and to help us attract new customers.  You may conveniently complete this survey online, or acquire and return a paper version at locations around the airport.  No personal information is required and we ask that each pilot or aircraft owner only complete one survey.  Your participation is greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at (603) 882-0661. 

You may be directed to the survey by clicking HERE.

(603) 882-0661     

Nashua Airport - Boire Field

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