93 Perimeter Road Nashua, NH 03063

Nashua AIrport, otherwise known as boire field is a very active General Aviation airport.  Operations in and out of Boire Field include training, charter, corporate, military and recreational flights.  Because of this diversity, Nashua airport offers a wide range of services and features that make it unique.  From multiple IFR approaches to electric tie-down ramps and available hangar space, several flight schools, and aircraft maintenance of all types and complexities, Nashua is not only a wonderful airport to visit, but also a wonderful airport to call home.

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Nashua Airport - Boire Field

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The FAA is proposing the elimination of two approaches into Boire Field, the VOR-A and the NDB RWY 14 as well as 734 other approaches across the country (including others at NH airports).

Many of you submitted comments on this matter back in November which we in turn submitted to NHDOT and we greatly appreciate the feedback.  We are asking all of you to submit your comments directly to the FAA through the Federal Register.  The comment period will be open until May 28, 2015.  With such a rich training environment, we believe all of our approaches should be preserved, particularly the VOR-A which serves as an excellent backup in the event any of our ILS equipment is down.  You can find more information, as well as how to submit comments by clicking on the FEDERAL REGISTER logo below. 

(603) 882-0661